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About Aya Curators

Aya Curators, operational since July 2021, finds talented artists around the world and helps them list their work as NFTs in the Loot Arena - a battle bidding platform in Lootverse. We curate artworks, develop stories around them, mint them as NFTs on the blockchain, and finally market them to the Lootverse community. We go the extra mile with the storytelling and marketing to encourage miners (bidders) to bid on our auctions, thus increasing the price at which the NFTs are sold.

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5 Top-selling NFTs

“We are proud to have most of the highest sold NFTs, including “Emerald Soulstone” which is the highest valued NFT so far in Lootverse.


Since a big part of the curation process involves building a strong relationship with artists, we always seek to make it as easy as possible for creators to work with us

I am very happy and very excited about all the opportunities that this new world of NFT can give. Thanks to Loot NFT and Aya Curators I can share my art with the world and be one step closer to fulfilling my dream of being able to dedicate myself full-time to creating art.

Pablo Pietropinto


I wish to say thank you to Aya Curators for giving me the opportunity to be listed and for taking great care of me along the way. They have been extremely patient, helpful and encouraging, and I’ve had an amazing experience. I also wish to thank the Lootizen community. I would definitely renew the experience.

Kamila Hurnaum


Working with Aya Curators to sell my paintings on was an extremely smooth and professional experience. The team is very knowledgeable, patient, and efficient. As someone who didn't know much about the nft world, it was reassuring to work with people who made sure I understood every step of the process.

Shanny Ramsamy


Our artists

From traditional paintings and digital artworks to soundtracks and memes, we work with a variety of creators around the world

NFT sets and their stories

Every NFT forms part of a set of 5, some of which are accompanied by fascinating stories written by our talented team of storytellers.

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